Add Some Extra Space to Your Floorplan

Learn about our basement finishing services in the Lawrenceville & Duluth, GA area

Turning your basement into a finished room is harder than you think. Even an experienced room remodeler can overlook some key steps if they've never worked with basements before.

Redemption Remodeling, LLC has extensive experience doing basement renovations throughout Lawrenceville & Duluth, GA, so you never have to worry about us skipping steps. View our Gallery page to see examples of the work we do.

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Transform your basement into any room you need

Your basement has the potential to become any kind of room you want. We can transform your unfinished basement into a:

  • Movie theater or game room, complete with cutting-edge technology
  • Bedroom or suite, with its own kitchen and bathroom
  • Family room or den, with an open play space and custom organization


Call (770) 856-3585 today to learn more about our basement remodeling services in the Lawrenceville & Duluth, GA area. We'll get started on your project as soon as you're ready.